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Mahogany Fruits has been getting attention in the world in recent years after a lot of biotechnology research is carried out to meet a variety that can be obtained from the fruit. Experts are of the opinion that biotechnology scientists from the fruit seed Mahogany contains many natural nutrients that can be healing to assist and improve that blood circulation system in the human body.

Mahogany Fruits with a hard earned privilege of any herbaceous plant in the world. it contains the highest three main active composite Flavoids, Saponins, and Bitter Alkaloid. In addition, it also contains many natural nutrients that can sustain a healthy body and increase the overall energy of human body, such as protein, mineral, vitamins, carbohydrates, etc. Switennia macrophilla, big leaf Mahogany is derived from wild plants of Meliceae (Mahogany family tree of Mahoni). This tree grows in tropical rain forrest and wetlands dry temperature, especially in Africa, South America, Indonesian Island, West Hindia, Solomon Island, Fiji, Honduras, and Malaysia. It is called "Raja" or King of Mahogany Switennia as high quality wood in the world market since hundreds of years ago.

Besides The quality of wood mahogany is highest in world market. Mahogany have a three main active composite inside.

Materials high in Flavoids in Mahogany Fruits contains natural enzymes that can  stimulate the opening of the blood vessels to facilitate the flow of blood throughout the body and supplies oxygen and nutrients and acts as anti-oxidative enzymes. 
The main function of Flavoids :
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Improving the efficiency blood circulation
  • Rid the body of independent radical
  • Expand and strengthen the elasticity of blood vessels
  • Reduce bad cholesterol in the blood
Saponins in Mahogany were able to reduce fat and cholesterol in the blood vessels wall to blood flow. This situation will help to strengthen hearth function, increase the immune system and reduced levels of blood sugar may occur.
The main function of Saponins :
  • Enhance the body force (force Immunity)
  • Stimulates secretion of insulin from pankreas
  • Improve the function of blood building
  • Dealing with muscle spasms in airways
  • Improve the respiratory system
  • Improve productivity male sperm
  • Improve the blood circulation system
  • To prevent intoxication and poisoning
  • Calm mind and brain
  • Eliminate the fatigue mind
  • Strengthen the hearth
In the whole Mahogany is organic elements of natural medicine. Mahogany Fruits is very bitter if eaten. Bitter taste is caused by high content of alkaloids bitter where it makes the blood in the body to feel bitter and hinder the growth of various types of viruses and bacteria which is the primary cause of many disease. This will help built a mature blood cells white in the human body to strengthen the body's immune system to prevent the attack organisms that are not good. 


We sell Mahogany beans which its still of husk there and also in a state of have been a pared in a state of running dry with exporting quality.

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